We are a Mother and Daughters family breeder.  We have a deep seeded love of animals that has brought us to the joy of breeding Australian Labradoodles. 

Having fallen in love with Australian Labradoodles years ago, I was left with the decision of how to add one to our family.  Our journey for a puppy kept changing directions.  Then, one day I called Gail Widman, of Whispering Winds Labradoodles, who had been so kind and helpful in the past.  She encouraged us to take our passion for animals and the girls desire to experience birth of puppies, and become family breeders ourselves.  Her support was a great gift.  Becoming breeders has brought joy and enrichment to our home and the girls are I are enjoying working together to support our home while caring for the needs of these little bundles of joy.

Before becoming breeders we were a volunteer foster family, for many years, at an animal shelter in Snohomish County, awarded "Best in America," for its dedication to saving the lives of animals by assisting other shelters that are beyond capacities.  We have fostered dozens of kittens.  We nursed them through many medical illness and regularly monitored their growth to ensure they were thriving.  The love given to each kitten by Sharmi and Chantel provided so much socialization, that we had a reputation, with the shelter Match Makers, for raising the "most socialized kittens".  

Our love, care and dedication to raising healthy well socialized animals is continuing with our Australian Labradoodles.  We are committed to providing the best care, love, attention, and socialization possible to prepare YOUR new puppy for a happy full life with you and your family.   God Bless.