Our Girls

 Ghirardelli's Cafe' Color as Adult

Ghirardelli's Cafe' Color as Adult

ALCA Certified:  C091-12252013-001-B       

Grade:  A3/Certified                         

OFA: Heart normal, PRA: Normal/Clear, CAER: Normal, eVet: pelvis & elbows normal, eVet: hips fair/ with no dysplasia                   

Whispering Winds Oreolla (Oreo)

Miniature: Chocolate Parti     Size: 22 lbs, 15 inches

ALCA Certified:  pending       

Grade:  A5/Certified                         

OFA: Heart normal, PRA: Normal/Clear, CAER: Normal, OFA: hips good/ with no dysplasia, OFA: petellar & elbows normal, no dysplasia.

Whispering Winds Caroline

Miniature: Red/Apricot Parti     Size: 22 lbs, 16 inches

ALCA Certified: C001-02082016-097-LB1

Grade:  A5/Certified       

OFA: Heart Normal, OFA Hips: Good, OFA Patellar: Normal, OFA CAER: Normal


Our Boys

Mystic Toby

ALCA Certified:  249-08132012-002-D        Grade:  A4/Certified

OFA- Heart: Normal, Hips: Fair with no evidence of hip dysplasia, Elbow: Normal, Patellar: Normal

PRA- Clear

Yankee Doodle Harrison"Harry"


Green Gables Ghirardelli of CHBK(Ghira)

Medium: Cafe',     Size: 37 lbs,  18 inches

Description:  Ghira is the most dedicated loyal girl.  She follows mom around like a little lamb.  When any family member, grandparents included, return from having been away, she spares no love to show you how much she missed you.  She is also incredibly gentle.  We have two elderly cat's and when Ghira has accidentally frightened one, she will drop to her belly and try to be as small as possible as to not scare them.  Ghira has also proven to be a loving protective mommy.


Whispering Winds Oreolla (Oreo)


Oreo is the funniest member of our family.  She thinks she can fly and frequently launches off of stairs, decks, and retaining walls like she is a super hero.  She is certainly special to us, and we are looking forward to her adorable puppies. 

Small Medium

All of our dogs have very specific owners.  Ghira has adopted mom, Oreo and Chantel are going to be together for life, (as they will both always be puppies at heart), and now Sharmi and Caroline have each other.  Our little Caroline thinks she is a lion, and she lets us know she is the queen of the pride!  Our family is now complete...  :) 

Mystic Toby

Medium: Chalk

Size: 28 lbs,  17 inches

Toby lives at Pondside Labradoodles with Grandma and Papa.  His coat is like a sherpa blanket.  He is mellow mannered.   He rarely barks, except to politely ask to go outside and of course on the occasion where there are "real threats" to his home. 

He is also a very gentle and smooth stud. (He is available for services.)


OFA: Hips: Good, Elbows: Negative L/R, OFA EyesNormal L/R,
PRA Normal (Clear by parentage)
DOB: 02/05/2007
14 inches
17 pounds

Miniature Black & White Parti