Congratulations Oreo & Harry! 

December 19th! 

The Below Pictures were taken on January 12th, at 3 & 1/2 weeks of age.  

Sharmi and Chantel did a great job taking the puppy pictures this week.  It is not an easy job!  :)

Congratulations Caroline and Toby, December 27th!


Photo's Taken on January 12th. 

We think it is so interesting that all the puppies except Sterling are the same size.  This is so unusual!

Ghirardelli & Toby are expecting February 17th

They will have medium Chocolates, Creams and Chalks

Interested in becoming a Guardian Family to one of our adorable puppies?  

Being a Guardian Family is a cooperative effort that benefits all parties.  It can be an excellent way for your family to have a top quality dog for a family pet without all the expense. Please contact us if you are interested and you live near Poulsbo, WA.


Puppy selections are based on order of deposit.

Breeder retains the rights to withhold puppies for breeding purposes.